The History.  Founded in 1998 to preserve the legacy of the Nevada Test Site (NTS), the NTS Historical Foundation (a 50l(c)3 nonprofit) was formed to tell the stories about the unique history associated with over 60 years of nuclear weapons research, development and testing.  The Foundation then created and built the new Atomic Testing Museum in partnership with the Desert Research Institute, the environmental arm of the Nevada System of Higher Education. Now a National institution, the museum welcomes over 60,000 diverse visitors every year from all over the world.

The President and Congress have designated this museum, a Smithsonian affiliate, as an institution of national importance. This coveted designation recognizes us as one of the top 36 science and technology museums in the U.S. While this designation offers opportunities to expand our educational and outreach initiatives, it does not provide us with federal funding nor do we receive monetary support from the Smithsonian.  We rely mostly on our museum admissions, museum store sales, donors, and membership dues to operate and maintain this world-class facility.

Over 500,000 visitors have come through our doors since opening in February 2005. We are fortunate in that our location in Las Vegas, NV is within reasonable walking distance of the world’s entertainment center – the Las Vegas strip.  We offer a first-class venue for meetings and events especially tailored for our members and supporters.  A spacious lobby and adjacent well-appointed conference facilities, plus plenty of hassle-free parking, make this an ideal location.

Your support can be tailored to your specific objectives.  We recognize that each company or organization has unique needs and requirements.  Your sponsorship/donation can be tailored to those unique needs.  Do you want to enhance your name recognition for the more than 60,000 visitors who come to the museum each year?  We can offer exhibit naming opportunities for you.  Do you want to support our science education program?  More than 10,000 students visit us each year; your support will expand those programs. Do you want to underwrite our diverse collections?  The museum has received high marks for its efforts to acquire, preserve and conserve Cold War artifacts that represent a vital part of American history.  Or do you want to offer general operating support that will help us assure the long-term sustainability of this vital institution?  This is support that allows us to operate the institution, maintain the sophisticated electronic equipment in the exhibit, and assure the long-term financial viability of the NATM.