Past Exhibits

The National Atomic Testing Museum strives to present and interesting array of exhibits that will interest a wide range of people of all ages, backgrounds and nations. Take a look at where we have been.

World Trade Center Exhibit & Dedication

The National Atomic Testing Museum received two pieces of the World Trade Center as additions to their collection. Following a dedication and short exhibit, the WTC pieces are now on permanent display at the Museum.

Trench Art

One of the more popular exhibits of the past few years has been an exhibit of World War I Trench Art displayed on the historical backdrop of World War I photos, personalities, art, music and a trench. To this day people ask when the exhibit will return.

At the Controls

The Museum occasionally brings in a special exhibit from another museum. At the Controls was a Smithsonian SITES exhibit that featured aviation history illustrated by the cockpits of planes. Embellished with a flight simulator and the faces of numerous pilots, this exhibit proved to be popular with all ages of people.

Building Atomic Vegas

This exhibit told the story of the building of The Nevada Test Site and the City of Las Vegas, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s.

This exhibit ran through January 5th of 2012.