Radiological Education Seminars

The Smithsonian-affiliated National Atomic Testing Museum offers free seminars to middle, high school and college students, and adults interested in studies in radiation science.  These seminars can be held at the museum or in the classroom, and programming can be tailored to fit your needs and interests.

Topics include:

Radiation Fundamentals
Radiation in the World Around You
Biological Effects of Radiation
Medical Applications of Radiation
Radiation Detection
Radiation in Consumer Products
Global Radiation Accidents
Radiation in Space

The standards-based seminars are taught by the museum’s skilled volunteer instructors, who have several decades of combined experience in radiation science (health physics), radiological remediation, nuclear emergency response, and nuclear experiment design, testing and management.

These 45-minute programs complement the museum’s forthcoming exhibit, Exposure—Our Radiation World.  The exhibit is designed to explore and educate the public on all aspects of natural and man-made sources of radiation. Radiation is all around us, from cosmic radiation and naturally occurring materials in the earth’s soil and rock, to man-made radiation such as medical radiation. The human discovery of the atom and the electromagnetic spectrum have spearheaded major advances in all aspects of science that can be seen in everyday consumer products, energy, national defense, breakthroughs in medicine, and space exploration.

For more information and to schedule your seminar, please contact Jordan McGee at 702.439.8438 or