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New Exhibit
Exposed–Our Radiation World

We welcome another new exhibit titled Exposed–Our Radiation World. This display, in conjunction with customized scientific lectures now available upon request, are designed to explore and educate the public on all aspects of natural and man-made sources of radiation. Radiation is all around us, from cosmic radiation and naturally-occurring materials in the earth’s soil and rock, to man-made radiation such as medical radiation. The human discovery of the Atom and the Electromagnetic Spectrum have spearheaded major advances in all aspects of science that can be seen in everyday consumer products, energy, national defense, breakthroughs in medicine, and space exploration. Exposed–Our Radiation World will be continually updated to address many other topics in the world of radiation. Please visit this amazing display located in the Museum’s new Theater. The exhibit can be leisurely viewed as the Theater features play. Also, do not miss our special theater presentation, the Clark County Public Information production: Offsite Monitoring of Fallout. Answering many of the ABCs about radiation, this feature runs twice daily.

Thank you to grants making this exhibit possible from the Roxie &Azad Joseph Foundation, John Longenecker and Associates and Critical Nurse Staffing. Our appreciation goes to the Health Physics Society, the American Nuclear Society and science advisor Ben McGee and exhibit chairman Chuck Costa for their valuable expertise.

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